CCAD News:

Wecome to the Tree of Life Sanctuary, the home of Chesapeake Cats and Dogs news.  Here we will share what is going on with Dog and Cat rescue in the organization and give feedback on the good things CCAD is accomplishing.  And there is much to accomplish.


First, we are at a point where financial solvency is questioned.  One of our major fund raisers, the Bingo, has been deferred and the new date is in question.  If we are not able to expand our flow of income, the very survival of the organization is in question.  Many ideas have been surfaced and we continue to keep our focus on saving lives and accomplishing our mission.


One elusive service we continue to pursue is expanding to a second multipurpose building for Dogs and Cats on our 5.5 acre parcel of land.  As we get through this crisis we extend our planning for the second building.  More to follow.


Thanks to our supporters for keeping us in the business of dog and cat rescue. The animals we save extend their thanks also.  They can not speak so we must speak for them.  Thanks.

Address: 326 Wye Mills Rd., Queenstown, MD 21658

Phone: 410-643-9955; Fax: 866-811-5119;


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