CCAD welcomes the generosity of commercial, governmental and non-profit firms.  Many have programs to share a part of their income with non-profits like Chesapeakecatsanddogs.  Below are a few who participate in these giving programs.  We acknowledge their programs and applaud their support through these programs.  While we obviously can't specifically endorse their products, we do recommend that you  recognize their good works and programs.  Thank them for helping causes like those fostered by CCAD.



The number assigned to CCAD is 24835. If you work for a government agency, please be sure to select CCAD for your CFC contributions!

We also have a wishlist at . Wishlist items include dog Kurandas for our dog pen and dog day visitors, and various sizes of cat Kuranda towers for our Sanctuary cats. Please CLICK HERE for our Kuranda wish

Amazon Smile

If you shop on, shop at, and select Chesapeake Cats and Dogs as your charity of choice. You can provide powerful benefits to CCAD! This is an easy way for you to support CCAD at no extra cost to you. After you’ve selected CCAD as your non-profit, Amazon will donate 0.5% of qualifying purchases to CCAD, without increasing your price.

Please check out our wish list to purchase needed items online. Selecting “Chesapeake Cats and Dogs” as your charity of choice at is an extra way to help!



Book a veterinary appointment with Vetary and give back to a pet shelter in need! The act of finding a veterinarian through Vetary results in a donation towards a homeless pet’s adoption, medical care, and vaccinations. The Vetary Foundation, Save a Bark™ program is a simple and automatic way for you to support 501(c)(3) animal shelters every time you schedule a visit with a veterinarian, at no cost to you. When you schedule a veterinarian appointment through, Vetary will donate a small dollar amount to a local animal shelter.



Tuft + Paw

creates modern cat furniture that’s beautifully designed and easy to assemble. Their products are incredibly durable and include free shipping & 30-day returns. Shop by clicking the badge on the right, and 15% your purchase will be donated to Chesapeake Cats and Dogs.




Support CCAD simply by walking your dog! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and helps CCAD! Go to, download the app on your phone or tablet, and select Chesapeake Cats and Dogs.



The Nelson Cheddar Fund:

Nelson Cheddar came to Chesapeake Cats and Dogs with a fractured front leg. With some expert veterinary care and a lot of extra tender loving care, Nelson’s splint was able to come off, and we thought he was on the fast road to recovery. Unfortunately, nature could not heal Nelson’s leg, and it eventually had to be amputated. He is now doing well and thankfully is no longer in pain. Because of your donations, he made a complete recovery and was adopted to a wonderful, loving home. The Nelson Cheddar fund was created to help animals with expensive medical needs. Won’t you help other cats and dogs like Nelson Cheddar get a second chance at life? With your donation to the Nelson Cheddar fund, you can help more animals just like him. Please consider donating to the Nelson Cheddar fund.


When you purchase pet products online at, a portion of your purchase can automatically fund CCAD. Please choose us! Enter the code ADOPT at checkout and select our organization to allocate your purchase today. Every dollar helps save homeless pets!

Kuranda Cat and Dogs Beds:



.Tuft + Paw Cat Furniture:






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